Booking Information

Reuzegom gives performances of traditional Flemish folk dances , folk music and flag waving in 19th century’s costumes. The dances are always performed to live music. Flag waving can be accompanied by live music or drum or performed to recorded music. Reuzegom can take several standard programmes around themes or create a stage set programme. Reuzegom also has custom dancing and flag sets for performances in parades or processions.

Reuzegom would love to participate in your festival, parade,, procession, family celebration or local festivity. We have an extensive stage experience both in large theaters and in modest fairground tents and adapt our performances in the time and space to your requests. Thanks to our own choreographies, live orchestra and colourful costumes our shows are fresh and dynamic, allowing us to captivate a large audience. We intertwined dance, singing, music and flag waving an enthusiastic set of 20 minutes or longer, possibly even a full-length performance.

Are you looking for  an attractive group of drum and whistle corps, dancers with baskets, flower bows & sticks and flag wavers ? Then you have come to the right place.

Feel free to contact us : or 0032 (0)485 31 50 88

General conditions:

The organiser provides the sound amplifying system (P.A.-system) and microphones (number to be agreed upon beforehand), a changing area and when necessary a stage platform fit for dances or flag waving.
A flag waving performance can only take place when a free space above of at least 6 metres and on and around the platform of at least 5 x 5 m (space for 1 flag waver) or 10 x 12 m for several flag wavers is guaranteed.
The organiser provides for minimal 2 drinks per performer. In the event of several performances on the same day the organiser should offer the performers a meal, be it either lunch or dinner, depending on the time frame.
The organiser also has the responsibility to pay any copyright dues owed on the music performed.
Reuzegom arranges for the transport of the performers to and from the place of the performance for a fee (see tariffs) and takes care of all the material needed for the show (except amplifier - see above). Upon request Reuzegom can deliver an introductory text and/or text and photograph for a programme brochure.