Folk dance

Thanks to the extensive research by the Institute for Flemish Folk Art, more than 150 traditional Flemish folk dances were noted down and published, ranging from simple community dances and more difficult "quadrilles" to really complicated figure dances.Traditional Flemish folk dances were danced at important celebrations such as weddings, house removals, springtime and the reaping of the harvest.

Due to society's rapid evolution in the 20th century, life in traditional communities totally disappeared in a very short time span. This caused a break with the past. Folk art traditions were no longer passed on from generation to generation, as is still the case in some areas of Scandinavia and Ireland for example. In spite of this there are over 130 folk dance groups in Flanders and thousands of dance lovers who practise these Flemish folkdances and in this manner continue the tradition.

The Flemish folk art community, to which Reuzegom belongs, moves with the times. Over the past fifty years a whole series of new Flemish folkdances were created. These dances vary from easy community dances to real choreographies which, as regards to the steps and figures build on the tradition.The melodies used for these dances are both old and newly created, in the traditional style.

The folk dance group Reuzegom offers stage set performances dealing with themes like: Easter, the month of May, the Reaping of the Harvest, the Guild Life, the Witches and the Weaving trade.
We always perform with our own musicians.
In our programmes we endeavour to keep a balance between the traditional Flemish folk dances and the newly created ones.
We are very proud to share our own culture with lots of enthusiasm, pride and dance enjoyment!

If you feel like joining us for a dance, please come along to our weekly rehearsals on Wednesday nights between 20:00-22:00 hrs.

Diestsestraat 163
3000 Leuven
(entrance via J.P. Minckelersstraat)

or contact our working group "dance": Geert Pauwels