On of the most attractive sides of the folk art experience is undoubtedly the contact with other cultures.
While the world is slowly becoming one large village and globalisation is manifest everywhere, folklore lovers still have a healthy interest and much respect for the peculiarities of other regions.

It is obvious that music, songs and dances from foreign countries fascinate us. The attention to local customs and dress is self-evident. But there is much more than that, namely to actively experience and gratefully taste the real soul of another people.
Whoever has sampled the nightly talks in an Irish pub or the warm hospitality of a German family knows what we are on about.
Perhaps folklore groups all around the world form the only contact network where friendship only counts, detached from all political, commercial or ideological interests.

Reuzegom regularly spends a day in neighbouring countries and nearly every year some friendly group visits Leuven on their tour. However, the international character of our activities gets its best chance during our summer trip abroad and at the Easter Folklore Festival.
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