Since the early years Reuzegom's folk dance group has had their own band of musicians. First only to accompany the folk dancers at rehearsals and performances. From the seventies the band started performing separately and playing at dances.

At present the band has the following instruments at their disposal : accordion, (German) flute, violin, recorder (alto, soprano and sopranino), drone, bagpipes, fife and percussion. Our band gets regular back up from friendly musicians of other groups (clarinet, violin).

Although the strength varied over the years, the aim has always remained the same: striving to perform folk melodies in a diverse manner. To accompany the dancers the musicians arrange and play music that was written down by the Institute for Flemish Folk Art. For other melodies they were originally inspired by traditional tunes that were noted by folk music groups such as "'t Kliekske", "het Brabant Volksorkest" and "de Vlier", or that were discovered in old manuscripts. Fortunately in Flanders we have a lot of manuscripts with unpublished tunes. In this way the Reuzegom musicians were greatly inspired by the Leuven manuscripts of Gruytters and the Leuven carillon scores.

For corteges and processions the group has ten whistlers and five drummers at their disposal.

If you feel like playing with us, please come along to our weekly dance rehearsals on Wednesday nights or contact: ...